Removing Stains with Ease

Removing Stains with Ease

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We’ve all been there before. You wear your favorite T-shirt out with friends, and inevitably, food or drink ends up on your shirt. You are left with an unsightly stain, and you cannot imagine that it is going to come off in the wash. Treating stains does not have to be difficult though. At Sudsys Coin Wash, we recommend that our Apple Valley customers presoak their stains prior to placing their clothing items in the wash. This can ensure that your favorite clothing items will last for years to come, despite an unfortunate incident that resulted in a stain.

How Can I Easily Remove Stains From My Clothes?

Start by creating a presoaking solution. This can easily be done by combining hot water with a stain removal product. Some people choose to use popular products, such as borax, oxygen bleach powder, and enzyme products. Some people have even found that detergent can be used as a powerful stain-fighting agent during the presoaking process.

Once you have created your presoaking solution, soak the clothing item in the tub. By immersing your favorite T-shirt in your special formula designed for stain fighting, you are allowing the solution to begin to break down the stain within the fabric. This step can take some time, so you may want to presoak your items before you come to the laundromat in order to do your laundry. You will typically want to soak your clothing for several hours. Many people recommend presoaking overnight, as this can maximize its effectiveness.

If you feel that your stain is severe and deeply embedded into the fabric, you may want to consider using chlorine bleach in order to treat the stain. Be careful with this product, though, as it is powerful and can damage fabric if not used correctly. Chlorine bleach is best for white products that have been stained, but there are some bleach formulas that are safe for colored fabric. If you are presoaking your clothing using chlorine bleach, be sure to only soak the item for about 15 minutes.

After you have presoaked your clothing, you will find that the stain will be nearly removed. Simple place your clothing items in the wash, and proceed as your normally would. The detergent and washing cycle will work to completely remove the rest of the stain. When your laundry is complete, you will be thrilled to find that the pesky stain has been removed from your shirt, and you’ll be ready to wear it again in no time. If you have a difficult stain that you are trying to get rid of, don’t forget that you can always talk with the professionals at Sudsys Coin Wash for expert advice.

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